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The Harp·E comes in 3 flavours:

String & Go - We recommend this package for most. The parts come pre-assembled. This is the best option if you are not a DIY enthusiast, but feel ok stringing (or learning to string) and spending the time tuning until the strings stabilize. Stringing is a useful skill to have for any harpist.

Plug & Play - For those who just want to play and not worry about assembly.

DIY - For those who want to build and customize their own instrument. This option allows a deep connection and in-depth knowledge of the harp's workings as well as the ability to tailor it to your taste and needs.
We have a vibrant Facebook community group with enthusiasts sharing tips & tricks on all sorts of hacks and customizations.

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quality for everyone

Best value

On our mission to democratize the harp, we have radically redesigned every aspect of the lever harp: all components, logistics, assembly, and sales channels so we are able to offer a full teaching grade harp at bottom price to as many people as possible.

Inclusive to all

Harp·E was designed for all ages, backgrounds, music preferences, and handedness.

Microtonal levers

A huge bonus of our unique redesigned lever mechanism, the levers are fully microtonal - you can play quarter tones, slides, and vibrato!

For the journey

Bonding experience

Self-assembly is an amazing way for harpists to really understand and bond with their instrument.

Grows along

The unique and easily adjustable stand allows for Harp·E to grow with the harp player. No screws, no hassle.

Stays exciting

Harp·E’s multi-faceted characteristics keeps it exciting throughout the musical journey. For instance, when you want to go fully electric and join a band, through the unique microtonal levers, or the many other positions to play and move around, using the strap.

Go electric

Dual mode

Harp·E has enough sound from its small soundboard to practice acoustically (neighbour-friendly!) and amplified, unlocking an entire universe of electric possibilities.

Delta pickup

Its novel technology based on the Delta Harp by Salvi creates a fully self-shielding and integrated amplification of all strings. None of the feedback and low-hum problems from piezo pickups.

Native pre-amp

Its built-in, smart pre-amplifier ensures high signal-to-noise ratio, zero latency, and full compatibility with all standard audio equipment. No equipment? No problem. There are a myriad of smartphone apps and interfaces to connect to.


Wearing Harp·E like a guitar with the included strap unlocks an entirely different appearance and interaction on stage - go wild!

Travel light

Harp·E is very lightweight and boasts the title of the most compact harp in the world due to its lean soundboard and smart design. The entire harp, including the stand, neatly fits into its specially designed backpack. Imagine taking your harp on a plane!

For schools / education / resellers

Get in touch for larger orders

We can collaborate with you to get the price down as much as possible, offer bespoke colours, help you organise large scale assembly by volunteers, etc.