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The Harp·E comes in 3 flavours:

String & Go- recommended for most people: The parts come pre-assembled. You save a lot of money by stringing and fine-tuning the harp yourself. A useful skill to have for any harpist anyway. This is the best option if you are not particularly a DIY enthusiast, but feel ok putting some strings on a harp, and don't mind spending time tuning until it's stable. Includes the stand!

Plug & Play- For those who just want to play. Even like this it's still by far the most affordable teaching grade electric harp out there. Also includes stand!

DIY- If you really love DIY and you want to build your own instrument. This option gives you opportunity for gaining a deep connection with your instrument, in-depth knowledge of its workings and the ability to tailor it to your taste and needs. We have a vibrant Facebook community group with enthusiasts sharing tips & tricks on all sorts of hacks and customisations. Also includes the stand.

EU: Prices include VAT. Cheap and fast shipping, no customs.

Outside the EU: Customs rules and fees vary per country. In some countries customs officers will charge VAT or duties at the border. The shipping company will usually take care of everything on your behalf or let you know if any customs payment or details are needed and arrange that with you.
The US does not have any VAT, but some states have a small local import duty added of between 0-5%.

Global shipping costs: We use fast and renown, global couriers for delivery. Which one (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) depends on your location. Cost depends on how far you are from our Netherlands warehouse, calculated at checkout. For instance the EU is around $25. the UK around $40, US around $90. We can keep these cost to a minimum because of the smart flat-pack design of the harp.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau:

You can get your Harp-E from our local HK partner:
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We can ship anywhere. If your country is not on the list of shipping options, just drop us a line! and we'll arrange via email.

quality for everyone

Best value

On our mission to democratise the harp we have radically redesigned every aspect of the lever harp: all components, logistics, assembly and sales channels so we are able to offer a full teaching grade harp at bottom price to as many people as possible.

Inclusive to all

The Harp·E was designed for all genders, ages, backgrounds, musical preferences and we even made sure it can be assembled completely mirrored for left handed people.

Microtonal levers

As a huge bonus of the unique mechanism, the levers are fully microtonal - as in, apart from the usual semitone switch, you can do things like quarter notes, slides and vibratos!

For the journey

Bonding experience

Self-assembly is also an amazing way for harpists to really understand and bond with their instrument. Of course there are the pre-assembled and full plug & play options available as well.

Grows along

The unique and easily adjustable stand allows for the Harp·E to grow along with the harp player. No screws no hassle, just an easy click-on size up or down.

Stays exciting

The Harp·E stays exciting along the musical journey, for instance when you want to go fully electric and join a band, or through the unique microtonal levers or the many other positions to play and move around, using the strap.

Go electric

Dual mode

You will have enough sound from the small soundboard to rehearse acoustically (and neighbour-friendly), but with the integrated amplification you unlock an entire universe of electric possibilities.

Delta pickup

The novel technology based on Delta Harp by Salvi means fully self-shielding and integrated amplification of all strings. So you won't get feedback and low-hum problems like you would with piezo pickups.

Native pre-amp

A built-in, smart pre-amplifier ensures high signal-to-noise ratio, zero latency and full compatibility with any effects, stage amps and studio equipment. But you could also just link it to a mini interface with your iPhone and record and edit on the go with just your phone or tablet.


Wearing the Harp·E like a guitar or Delta Harp with the included strap unlocks an entirely different appearance and interaction on stage - go wild!

Travel light

The Harp·E is light and the most compact harp in the world, because of the lean soundboard, electric amplification as well as the smart design: everything, including even the stand, folds into itself, neatly fitting into the specialliy designed backpack. Imagine putting a harp in the overhead compartment!

For schools / education / resellers

Get in touch for larger orders

We can collaborate with you to get the price down as much as possible, offer bespoke colours, help you organise large scale assembly by volunteers, etc.