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Plug & Play

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Plug & Play Harp·E comes assembled, strung and regulated.

Play it straight out of the box!

This package includes:

  • Complete fully assembled, strung, regulated and tested electric Harp·E (version 3)
  • Includes the stand!
  • Battery for the internal electronics
  • Assembly and tuning keys
  • Assembly and usage manuals (via QR)
  • Access to the community group

To fully enjoy and protect your instrument, we highly recommend adding:

- The carrying bag / backpack : a nifty carrier bag / backpack that securely fits the harp, the stand and extras like tuners and your scores or course material folders (A4)
- the detachable strap and 2 strap buckles to play in other positions (delta harp, guitar etc).

→ Find these accessories below.

This package does not include external electronics like cables or effect pedals. We can help you choose ones suitable to your needs though.
We will ship the instrument with the tension lowered for the higher strings, to ensure they don't snap in transport when they travel through different climate zones. Just bring it back to tune once you receive it. If you are in a very different climate from our studio in the Netherlands, your harp might need to acclimatise a bit.

Warranty: We provide full statutory warranty on all parts (2y). As any instrument strings slowly wear over time and during playing, strings are not covered by warranty after you have received the instrument with all strings in tact. We do offer all strings in our store as spares.

For left-handed players: If you need your harp assembled for left handed, drop us a note it in the comment box in the cart page, just before checkout. 


See the real colour difference in the last picture here !


NOTE: The finish is fairly rough - we chose to focus the overal cost budget on other things than a fragile high gloss finish. The wood texture is visible through the coating (Blue Dolphin 2K Oil) - we absolutely love it that way, but you can add a high-gloss or other finish yourself.


You'll received an order confirmation number after placing your order and a courier tracking number once your Harp-E is dispatched.

Prices include VAT. Cheap and fast shipping, no customs.

Outside the EU:
Customs rules and fees vary per country. In some countries customs officers will charge VAT or duties at the border.
The shipping company will usually take care of everything on your behalf or let you know if any customs payment or details are needed and arrange that with you.

The US does not have any VAT, but some states have a small local import duty added of between 0-5%.

Global shipping costs:
We use fast and renown, global couriers for delivery. Which one (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) depends on your location.
Cost depends on how far you are from our Netherlands warehouse, calculated at checkout. To give you an idea:
The EU is around $25.
The UK around $40;
The US around $90;
That's for sending a harp across the world! We can keep these cost to a minimum because of the smart flat-pack design of the harp.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau:

You can get your Harp-E from our local HK partner:

or for info:

We can ship anywhere. If your country is not on the list of shipping options, just drop us a line! and we'll arrange via email.

Please note that we are not the shipping company nor customs officers ourselves. Customs can in some countries be whimsical or based on officers' mood of the day. This is beyond our control. But we will make sure we choose a renown shipping company for you and will be there to help if anything.


All parts and shipments are checked for quality and completeness and should reach you in good condition. We will aim to make right any shortcomings you might spot on arrival and help with any questions you might have.

We will do our utmost best to help you with everything we can, but please keep in mind we're a small team of enthusiasts working hard to provide affordable quality harps to the masses. Placing high demands on our team will mean we won't be able to keep down the prices for future generations harpists.

We cannot offer warranty on parts damaged during the DIY coating or assembly process.
In case of requesting a cancellation or return, we might have to charge a fair restocking fee, depending on location, reasons and timing.

How long until you get yours?

We have all parts in stock but might need to coat, assemble and string your instrument before it's ready to send. DIY-Uncoated with case takes ±1 week to be ready. DIY coated or without case ±2 weeks. String & Go up to ± 4 weeks. Plug & Play up to ±8 weeks. It can also be a lot faster if we happen to have ready stock, but we don't want to over-promise. Shipping time depends on your location and customs officers. We use fast, international, renown couriers. We generally have more ready stock of our more commonly ordered colours which are Black and Natural Wood.

Ordering now means you'll receive the brand new Harp·E version 3: This new version has slightly wider feet for improved stability, an update to the levers which makes them quieter in operation and an update to the tuning pins for improved grip with a tuning key.

Customer Reviews

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I like back pack and that the stand is included. Good range for the type of music that I play