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String & Go

String & Go

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String your own Harp·E!

Pre-assembled, string and regulate it yourself. Ideal for most people, this option offers a high-quality electric harp at an accessible price. If you have some time to spare, stringing your own instrument is a rewarding learning experience. We provide a clear manual and video guide to help you learn this valuable skill. If you already know how, stringing will be a breeze!

Choose it:

Select from our four finishes - Natural, Black, Mahogany, White

String it:

With some patience and care, you will become a stringing expert in no time! Our thorough guides will help you every step of the way. 

Regulate it:

Regulation ensures the levers move the notes exactly a half step up or down. Over the following weeks after stringing, you will learn this valuable skill. Typically handled by expensive technicians, Harp·E’s innovative construction allows you to do this step yourself, for free!

For full enjoyment of your instrument, we recommend the following accessories:

  • Carrying bag: Securely fits the harp and stand, includes spacious front pocket.
  • Strap and Buckles: For wearing your harp in the traditional upright position or the delta/guitar position.

Note for left-handed players:

If you need your String & Go assembled left-handed, leave us a note in the comment box before checking out.

Is this the right package for you?

This package is for someone who wants an assembled harp but has spare time and patience to string and regulate. If you want to skip the stringing, tuning, and regulation altogether, we recommend the Plug & Play package - play it out of the box! Do you want to build and/or customize your harp? The DIY package may be a better fit.

Join us in our mission to #democratizetheharp!

What's Included

Package includes:

  • Assembled harp frame (version 3) with stand
  • String set
  • Internal electronics
  • 9V Battery for the electronics
  • Assembly and tuning keys
  • Manuals (via QR code)
  • Access to the community group

How long until you get yours?

All harps are made to order, which requires our team to coat, assemble, and string the harps before they are ready to ship.

Please note the estimated wait times:

• DIY Uncoated with case: ±1-2 weeks
• DIY Coated or Uncoated without case: ±2-4 weeks
• String & Go: ± 4-6 weeks
• Plug & Play: ±8 weeks

Shipping times vary depending on your location and local customs procedures.

On our finishes

Our finishes intentionally leave a slightly rough texture to prioritize lower costs over a delicate high-gloss appearance.

The natural wood grain is visible through the coating and we absolutely love it that way. If you prefer an alternative finish, you can add it yourself.


You'll receive a confirmation number after placing your order and a tracking number once your Harp·E is dispatched.

EU: Prices include VAT. Cheap and fast shipping, no customs.

Outside the EU: Customs rules and fees vary by country. Your courier will reach out if any payment or details are needed.

Global shipping costs: Shipment costs depend on how far you are from our Netherlands warehouse and is calculated at checkout.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau:

You can get Harp·E from our local HK partner:
Contact for info:

We can ship anywhere. If your country is not on the list of shipping options, just drop us a line! and we'll arrange via email.

Warranty and Returns

All orders are thoroughly inspected to ensure quality. If any issues arise, our dedicated customer service team is available for assistance.

We provide a full warranty on all parts. Our warranty cannot cover damages from self-assembly, self-coating, or string breakage. Individual parts can be returned at our discretion, with refunds based on condition, location, and reason. Restocking fees may apply.


See the real color difference in the last picture!

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Customer Reviews

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Måns Mårtensson
Harp-E is a great instrument with a lot of things going for it. :-)

Maybe if IKEA produced the Harp-E it would be even cheaper, - and it probably wouldn’t have great quality strings. It is a very impressive instrument and it has a lot going for it because of it’s very good electric pickup system. I choose the String & Go system, because I wanted to go through the process of stringing and tuning the harp. I found that two of the tuning pins didn’t cut the bill - and I was worried that the overall quality of the components of the harp weren’t good enough. Joris told me that the coming batches of Harp-E will have sturdier tuning pins - and sent me two of the old tuning pins, and two of the new ones for future batches. I have installed the old ones and now my Harp-E is good :-)
I am having tons of fun with my Harp-E and I will recommend it for anyone who likes to play with sound and effects. As a guitarist I already have some great amplifiers and effect pedals - and everything works very well with Harp-E. I do recommend full range amplifiers for acoustic instruments to get the full potential of the sound from the very good microphone and top quality strings.

Improvised demo:

Cheers Måns, Denmark YouTube video placeholder