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String & Go

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Pre-assembled. String and regulate it yourself.

Recommended for most people. Stringing takes ± 1-2 hours. Tuning until stable takes a few minutes each time, once or twice a day for ± 10-15 days.

This option is ideal if you are looking for a very affordable quality electric harp and you do have some time to spare to string it yourself.
We'll provide a clear manual and video on how to put the strings on (a valuable skill to acquire), and of course if you already know how to do this then this option is a complete piece of cake.

This package includes:

  • Harp·E (version 3) with its stand, strings, internal electronics (pre-amp)
  • Carrying bag / backpack
  • Detachable strap to play in other positions (delta harp, guitar etc)
  • Battery for the internal electronics
  • Assembly and tuning keys
  • Assembly and usage manuals (via QR)
  • Access to the community group

(does not include external electronics like cable and effect pedals)


For left-handed players: If you need your String & Go assembled for left handed, drop us a note it in the comment box in the cart page, just before checkout. 



NOTE: The finish is fairly rough and the wood texture is visible through the coating (Blue Dolphin 2K Oil), we like it that way, but you can add a high-gloss finish yourself.


EU / mainland Europe: shipping is €15 and prices include VAT.

You'll received an order confirmation number after placing your order and a courier tracking number once your Harp-E is dispatched.

Global shipping: we ship worldwide! Import rules and fees vary per country. If at checkout there is no tax collected, then your country's customs might add this at the border.
The USA does not have any VAT, but some states have a local import duty added of between 0-5%.
Shipping globally is usually around $100 but prices vary per country.
For the UK the process is the same but cheaper shipping of around £25

Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau:

Please get your Harp-E from our local HK partner:
or for info:

We can ship anywhere. If your country is not on the list of shipping options, just drop us a line! and we'll arrange it for you.

New version!
Please note that we have just released the new version (version 3) and currently packages are built to order. We are a small team and we’re working through a list of back-orders. But we are working around the clock and you will get your Harp·E!


All parts and shipments are checked for quality and completeness and should reach you in good condition. We will aim to make right any shortcomings you might spot on arrival and help with any questions you might have.

The aim of this project is to be able to provide affordable quality harps to as many people as possible. We do ask you therefore to take a lenient and collaborative approach to returns and customer service as they significantly drive up costs for us and will reduce our capacity to keep the price down for future generations harpists.

We cannot offer warranty on parts damaged during the DIY assembly process.

All options are back in stock. Please allow us some building time as we are working through back-orders. Orders placed now we expect to be able to ship mid/end May.

Ordering now means you'll receive the brand new Harp·E version 3:
This new version has slightly wider feet for improved stability, an update to the levers which makes them quieter in operation and an update to the tuning pins for improved grip with a tuning key.


Strings 24 Premium Salvi/ Aquila Corde/ Sipario SilkGut strings
Range Optimal learning range: 5C-2E (or depending on naming convention- lowest string is C3 if you call "middle C" C4, aka lowest string is 130.81 Hz)
Adjustable height 3 heights: 87, 101 and 107 cm
Carrying dimensions Only 7 cm deep, 87 cm long by 48 cm wide
The stand fully packs inside the frame
Weight Harp: 3.6 kg / 7.8 lbs (same as lightweight guitar!)
Stand: 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs
Levers All levers C5-2E (see Range), unique patented lever system, ultra durable.
Electronics Fully native all-string pick-up and built-in pre-amp, standard 9V battery, included in package
Volume ±75 dB acoustically, unlimited volume electronically (yeah!)
Materials High grade Beech Plywood with Stainless steel & aluminum fasteners.
No flimsy plastic stuff!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Måns Mårtensson
Harp-E is a great instrument with a lot of things going for it. :-)

Maybe if IKEA produced the Harp-E it would be even cheaper, - and it probably wouldn’t have great quality strings. It is a very impressive instrument and it has a lot going for it because of it’s very good electric pickup system. I choose the String & Go system, because I wanted to go through the process of stringing and tuning the harp. I found that two of the tuning pins didn’t cut the bill - and I was worried that the overall quality of the components of the harp weren’t good enough. Joris told me that the coming batches of Harp-E will have sturdier tuning pins - and sent me two of the old tuning pins, and two of the new ones for future batches. I have installed the old ones and now my Harp-E is good :-)
I am having tons of fun with my Harp-E and I will recommend it for anyone who likes to play with sound and effects. As a guitarist I already have some great amplifiers and effect pedals - and everything works very well with Harp-E. I do recommend full range amplifiers for acoustic instruments to get the full potential of the sound from the very good microphone and top quality strings.

Improvised demo:

Cheers Måns, Denmark YouTube video placeholder