Are you looking to boost your retail business with a unique, affordable and versatile product ? Harp·E is a great addition to your retail offering: a product loved by all kinds of musicians, from beginners to pros.

Harp·E: Empowering retailers to democratise the harp !

Introducing Harp·E

Harp·E is the brainchild of Dutch designer Joris Beets. Following the success of his previous invention, the Delta Harp, (Red Dot Design Award winning electric harp produced by Salvi) Harp·E was created to make high-quality lever harps more accessible.

It is a compact and affordable electro-acoustic harp with superior features, delivering exceptional sound quality.

Five reasons to partner with Harp·E for reselling:

Compact Travel-Friendly Harps:

Harp·E is the perfect solution for musicians on the move and students seeking a portable option for lessons. It offers the versatility of a full-sized harp in a 5kg flat-packed compact, robust, and travel-friendly package.

Affordable Electric Harps:

By stripping down all the unnecessary parts and rethinking the harp structure, Harp-E is able to offer a high-end electric pickup system and string quality, for optimal sound, at an unbeatable price point. This is how we are making the harp accessible to a wide range of musicians and a compelling option for your customers.

Microtonal Levers:

The levers on Harp-E are a unique patented mechanism. In addition to being sturdier than standard levers, they allow for microtonal playing: allowing to do bends and vibrato. This unique playing possibility sets our harps apart from the competition.

Lucrative Margins:

As a Harp·E reseller, you'll benefit from fair profit margins. Some partners take advantage of the price difference between our DIY and Plug & Play packages: by assembling the harps in employee down time, they're able to maximize their margins on retail.

Comprehensive Support:

We're not just providing you with products; we're offering a partnership. Access our comprehensive training, marketing materials, and dedicated customer support to ensure your reselling journey is a resounding success.

Ready to join the Harp·E reseller network?

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