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Build your own Harp·E!

Experience the joy of building and customizing your own harp. Whether you love DIY projects or want to create a unique instrument, this kit offers a fun and rewarding way to bond with your Harp·E.

Choose it:

Select from our coating options -

  • Uncoated: For the ultimate customization experience. Coat the wood yourself to create a truly unique harp. Consult our active Facebook community and resources page for guidance. We only recommend this package for the experienced.
  • Coated: Available in Natural, Black, Mahogany, and White. Perfect for those who enjoy assembly but prefer not to handle the coating. You can still add color on top of the existing coat with minimal risk (must be compatible with Monocoat 2k Oil).

Customize it:

Add your own finish, decals, colors, and/or etchings. Some pioneers have taken customization further with left-handed assembly, double stringing with mirrored kits, or incorporating additional electronics. The sky’s the limit! 

Build it:

All assembly tools are included. Although not required, you can speed up the process through the use of basic household tools like an electric screwdriver with 3mm and 4mm hex bits.

For full enjoyment of your instrument, we recommend the following accessories:

  • Carrying bag: Securely fits the harp and stand, includes spacious front pocket.
  • Strap and buckles: For wearing your harp in the traditional upright position or the delta/guitar position.

Is this the right package for you?

This package is ideal for the DIY enthusiast. If this is not you, we recommend the String & Go package - skip the assembly and go straight to stringing at no extra cost! Don’t have the patience to assemble or string? The Plug & Play package might be a better fit for you.

Join us in our mission to #democratizetheharp!

What's Included

Package includes:

  • Self-assembly kit (version 3) with stand
  • String set
  • Internal electronics
  • 9V Battery for the electronics
  • Assembly and tuning keys
  • Manuals (via QR code)
  • Access to the community group

How long until you get yours?

All harps are made to order, which requires our team to coat, assemble, and string the harps before they are ready to ship.

Please note the estimated wait times:

• DIY Uncoated with case: ±1-2 weeks
• DIY Coated or Uncoated without case: ±2-4 weeks
• String & Go: ± 4-6 weeks
• Plug & Play: ±8 weeks

Shipping times vary depending on your location and local customs procedures.

On our finishes

Our finishes intentionally leave a slightly rough texture to prioritize lower costs over a delicate high-gloss appearance.

The natural wood grain is visible through the coating and we absolutely love it that way. If you prefer an alternative finish, you can add it yourself.


You'll receive a confirmation number after placing your order and a tracking number once your Harp·E is dispatched.

EU: Prices include VAT. Cheap and fast shipping, no customs.

Outside the EU: Customs rules and fees vary by country. Your courier will reach out if any payment or details are needed.

Global shipping costs: Shipment costs depend on how far you are from our Netherlands warehouse and is calculated at checkout.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau:

You can get Harp·E from our local HK partner:
Contact for info:

We can ship anywhere. If your country is not on the list of shipping options, just drop us a line! and we'll arrange via email.

Warranty and Returns

All orders are thoroughly inspected to ensure quality. If any issues arise, our dedicated customer service team is available for assistance.

We provide a full warranty on all parts. Our warranty cannot cover damages from self-assembly, self-coating, or string breakage. Individual parts can be returned at our discretion, with refunds based on condition, location, and reason. Restocking fees may apply.


See the real color difference in the last picture!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Charles Hooper
Waiting was the hardest

The unfinished DIY kit is very well constructed and was a lot of fun to decorate. The video series are an invaluable tool. It was so helpful to be able to watch and listen to the clear instructions. Assembled was very easy as was stringing and tuning. I've used silk gut on several of my other harps so I have experienced with them. The stand is amazing. However my favorite thing is the CASE/backpack! It's such a fantastic design perfect for travel. My only not great comment would be the levers are super difficult to manipulate.

Dear Charles, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and lovely review. Gives us energy to keep going! Glad you like the instrument (and the bag!).
On the levers - they shouldn't have too much resistance, if you send an email with perhaps a video showing which levers don't run smoothly, from some different angles, to our support on we can try to help you. You could first try a rubbing little bit of paraffin wax on levers that you would like to run smoother.
Seems like you're enjoying the Harp-E and we wish you many many hours of music and exploration!

The Sound of Success

The videos for assembling the Harp-E are detailed, the pieces fit well together, and customer support is excellent: (Should you run into trouble, don't hesitate to ask for help. And I would definitely recommend getting --or borrowing from your friend--a power screwdriver!) As warned, the strings did take awhile to settle in, and several of the strings on mine broke. However, generous lengths of string are provided, so I had plenty for replacing. The result is the best sounding small harp I have ever heard or played.

Hi Martha,

Thank you very much for your review! We're so happy to hear you found the videos useful and love the unique Harp-E sound, but are sorry you found aspects of the build difficult.

Stringing your own instrument is rewarding but can be challenging, so a member of our team will be reaching out to ensure we can further support your build!

Easy to assemble and amazing sound!!!

I am so happy I got this harp. It was really easy to put together and once I hooked it up to the amp, I was blown away by the sound! I also got really good at tying stings (bonus skill!!!)

Thanks for your review Johanna. Happy to hear you like your Harp-E!