One of the best things about Harp·E is that you can truly make it your own.

Get to know it by assembling it yourself. Customise it with paint, markers, stickers... Reinvent how it sounds with electronic effects.

Assembly manuals

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We've just started a facebook group for Harp·E owners to exchange tip & tricks, suggestions, recommend each other effect pedals, amps, hacks etc:

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Customise your Harp·E !

Wether you are assembling it yourself, or getting it Plug & Play, the Harp·E is a blank canvas for you to make your own! The parts are already coated, but it's super easy to add paint, marker or even stickers.

Show us how you customised yours by posting on Instagram or TikTok and tagging us @harp-e-harp !

Harp·E basics - tutorials


I’m hearing string buzzes when I play - how can I fix that?

How can I make the levers easier to move?

Everyone likes their levers differently. Some people like them more rigid, others more smooth. Some players find our levers a bit too rigid for their taste compared to other harps. Below is a hack to make them easier to move:

First, make sure all levers are aligned with the metal fingers, making sure that every lever only operates one metal finger.

To make them run smoother, make sure the top of the levers that run against the metal fingers are smooth. If they're not, you can take some sandpaper and lightly sand it until it’s smoother. If you want the levers even more smooth, you can add some paraffin wax (candle wax) to the top of the levers.

There’s a gap in my lever mechanism, is that normal?

Yes, this is normal. A little extra breathing room for the levers allows them to move with less friction. Make sure that each lever only operates on one metal finger.

Even after screwing in the regulator bolt all the way, the string pitch is not going down a whole step. What can I do?

This can happen when the strings haven’t been given enough time to settle. We recommend waiting another week to give them more time to stretch and try regulating again. If after waiting that extra time some strings are still being stubborn, and check out the video below:

Other questions

If you have any questions our FAQ doesn’t cover, feel free to contact us at this email address and we will get back to you as soon as possible: