Getting started

One of the best things about Harp·E is that you can truly make it your own.

Get to know it by assembling it yourself. Customise it with paint, markers, stickers... Reinvent how it sounds with electronic effects.

Assembly manuals

View the paper manual

DIY package: step by step assembly video

String & Go package: step by step stringing & regulating

Plug & Play package: a brief overview of how to use and set up


We've just started a facebook group for Harp·E owners to exchange tip & tricks, suggestions, recommend each other effect pedals, amps, hacks etc:

@harp·e community

Customise your Harp·E !

Wether you are assembling it yourself, or getting it Plug & Play, the Harp·E is a blank canvas for you to make your own! The parts are already coated, but it's super easy to add paint, marker or even stickers.

Show us how you customised yours by posting on Instagram or TikTok and tagging us @harp-e-harp !

Harp·E basics

Tuning your Harp·E

Harp·E electronics

changing the battery

playing positions

the strap

the carrier bag

more expression techniques

loop pedal use


Tutorial 1 - Basic amps and virtual effects

Tutorial 3 - Mid range Multi Effects pedal

Learning resources

(coming soon...)