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Harp·E String #10 (3C)

Harp·E String #10 (3C)

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Premium Sipario (aka Salvi or Aquila Corde) SilkGut string.

These are superior strings (much better than your standard nylon) with long sustain and a very good overall feel, tension and tension distribution. The Harp·E was engineered for those strings, so using any other (nylon, metal etc.) might result in difficulties for tuning and regulating.

Note that when you first buy the Harp, it comes with a full set of strings already. This is only for spare strings!

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All parts and shipments are checked for quality and completeness and should reach you in good condition. We will aim to make right any shortcomings you might spot on arrival and help with any questions you might have.

The aim of this project is to be able to provide affordable quality harps to as many people as possible. We do ask you therefore to take a lenient and collaborative approach to returns and customer service as they significantly drive up costs for us and will reduce our capacity to keep the price down for future generations harpists.

We cannot offer warranty on parts damaged during the DIY assembly process.

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String table

harp-E string # Sipario Silkgut diameter (mm) colour
1 2E 0.6 -
2 2D 0.62 -
3 2C 0.68 red
4 2B 0.68 -
5 2A 0.73 -
6 2G 0.78 -
7 2F 0.82 black
8 3E 0.88 -
9 3D 0.88 -
10 3C 0.94 red
11 3B 0.94 -
12 3A 0.94 -
13 3G 1.04 -
14 3F 1.08 black
15 4E 1.08 -
16 4D 1.12 -
17 4C 1.24 red
18 4B 1.24 -
19 4A 1.32 -
20 4G 1.40 -
21 4F 1.40 black
22 5E 1.50 -
23 5D 1.65 -
24 5C 1.65 red