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Harp·E String #12 (3A)

Harp·E String #12 (3A)

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Premium Sipario SilkGut string.

These high quality strings feature a long sustain and a great overall feel, tension, and tension distribution. 

Harp·E was engineered for these strings. Using any other strings might result in difficulties with tuning and regulating. 

Note that when you first buy the Harp, it comes with a full set of strings already. This is only for spare strings!

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Warranty and Returns

All orders are thoroughly inspected to ensure quality. If any issues arise, our dedicated customer service team is available for assistance.

We provide a full warranty on all parts. Our warranty cannot cover damages from self-assembly, self-coating, or string breakage. Individual parts can be returned at our discretion, with refunds based on condition, location, and reason. Restocking fees may apply.

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String table

harp-E string # Sipario Silkgut diameter (mm) colour
1 2E 0.6 -
2 2D 0.62 -
3 2C 0.68 red
4 2B 0.68 -
5 2A 0.73 -
6 2G 0.78 -
7 2F 0.82 black
8 3E 0.88 -
9 3D 0.88 -
10 3C 0.94 red
11 3B 0.94 -
12 3A 0.94 -
13 3G 1.04 -
14 3F 1.08 black
15 4E 1.08 -
16 4D 1.12 -
17 4C 1.24 red
18 4B 1.24 -
19 4A 1.32 -
20 4G 1.40 -
21 4F 1.40 black
22 5E 1.50 -
23 5D 1.65 -
24 5C 1.65 red