The World's Most Accessible Electro-Acoustic Harp

From the creators of DELTA by Salvi


Meet Harp·E

The first flat-packed, affordable electroacoustic harp with stage-quality sound. Because great instruments should be available to everybody!


With a state-of-the-art pickup system and a built-in preamp, Harp·E is designed to be played both acoustically and amplified - just plug it into any sound system.

Revolutionary levers

Its unique levers are the world’s first microtonal harp levers, adding limitless expression possibilities like microtonality, slides, and vibrato.

Durable & low-maintenance

Its unique construction creates an extremely robust instrument, with standard, replaceable parts - ideal for travel, education, or late night gigs.

Teaching grade

Developed with teachers and hundreds of their students, Harp·E has the perfect range for educational settings - 24 Italian Silk Gut strings from 5C (full octave below middle C) to 2E and a full set of levers.

Portable & compact

Harp·E is lightweight and, together with its stand, fits like a jigsaw puzzle inside its sturdy and comfortable backpack. It even fits in an airplane overhead bin!

Evolves with harpists

The included stand has three different height settings for the growing learner and adds flexibility for the seasoned player. The endless possibilities brought by its electric nature ensures that you never grow out of it!


For all ages, backgrounds, handedness, genres, environments, and setups. Harp·E is for everyone!


Use it with a stand or wear it on stage with a strap like a guitar. Harp·E is here for you to break every stereotype.

Available in 3 kits:

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How does it sound?

  • Acoustic

  • Amplified with effects

  • Amplified

  • Amplified with effects

Our Story

Harp·E is a labour of love. Developed together with some of the world's best harpists, a music education charity, and hundreds of musicians, its unique design combines sturdy and lightweight frame with professional, stage-worthy sound.

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Let's Democratize the Harp!

Harp·E was originally developed to collaborate with large educational organisations and charities to offer quality harps to as many students as possible on a super tight budget.

On request of many individuals, and to enable us to keep doing this, single Harp·Es are now also available to everyone. Join the movement!