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Large orders

For ordering larger quantities we can offer discounts. If you are ordering more than 50 harps, we offer bespoke deals, as low as €450 per harp. Please get in touch!


EU: We ship from the Netherlands. For EU customers, all local taxes are included in the price, we pay those for you through the OSS scheme. You'll receive a tracking number once the order is dispatched and it'll arrive a few days after that. If you are an EU VAT registered company, drop us an email as we can apply the 0% VAT reverse charge mechanism.

UK: For now it's the same process as for the EU with one addition: UK VAT will be deducted at checkout - so the price you pay will be 20% lower than originally displayed. Once at UK customs, you will receive an email from the courier to pay the outstanding VAT balance plus a small admin charge (currently £5). Once paid, customs will release your package and it will arrive in the following days (you'll get updates & options).

US: Prices shown don't include tax. The US does not have VAT, but in some cases, in some states, some import duty might be added. This would be a small percentage and the courier will arrange this for you with your local customs.

Rest of the World: Generally the process is the same as US shipping outlined above. Although customs and tax regimes vary greatly per country, the shipping company will deal with all of it on your behalf. They will send you a payment link for any duty outstanding and deliver soon after.
We can ship anywhere in the world. Are you based outside shipping options on this website? We can still take payments and ship - just drop us a line!

Plug & Play packages are built to order, please allow us a few weeks of assembly and finetuning time to get you a perfect harp.


When checking out you'd help us keep costs down if you selected iDeal as a payment option (if you have access to that) or paying by bank deposit.