Developed with children

For heavy use

The Harp·E is designed for carefree use by all age groups because of the sturdy levers, soundboard and wooden exoskeleton that shields the high tech parts safely inside.

Ultra portable

The smart flat pack design makes the Harp·E the most compact harp in the world. Even a young child can carry it in the included backpack. Now children can bring their own harp to class or or anywhere else!

For children's hands

Because of the unique, patented lever system, the string spacing could be designed for children's fingers rather than dictated by minimum lever distances, unlike any other lever harp.


Because we believe the harp should be for everyone, we've made sure the Harp·E can be assembled as a completely mirrored left-handed harp just as easily.

Developed with teachers

Highest string quality

The ultra-strong construction of the Harp·E means we could use the higher-tension premium Italian SilkGut strings. This means a much better feel, sustain and tension distribution, akin to professional harps.

Optimal string range

We worked tirelessly with teachers to establish the perfect string range for all songs taught in school. Just the right amount and reach to play anything you'd want, yet in a compact and affordable harp.

Control over the class

The Harp·E has a pleasant acoustic volume when rehearsing at home or during class, but when needed can be amplified to level with other instruments and controlled by the teacher.

Extra motivation

The built-in native amplification means children can be heard on their small harps in any orchestra or band performance and you could take them on a journey of experimentation with effects.

Developed with schools

Zero space

Large numbers of Harp·E can be stored in a very small space. Because of the flat pack design and the fact that all high-tech elements are safely hidden inside an ultra-sturdy frame, they are easily stacked on top of eachother.

Low maintenance

Apart from being super-sturdy, the Harp·E is designed so that any damage is very easy to DIY repair: it has simple materials, an open and straightforward construction using standardised parts.

Age adjustable

The stand is designed so that the Harp·E can be easily clicked from one of the 3 height settings into another, simplifying switching between subsequent age groups.

Flexible collaboration

For larger schools and organisations we can design bespoke ways of working together to reduce the costs even further or address specific design requirements.


The Harp·E comes in 3 flavours:

DIY - Your most affordable option, little skills and no tools required. The transparent design & self-assembly means easy future in-house maintenance, bringing ongoing savings.
We can scale with you; the one-off price below can be much reduced when ordering more.

String & Go - The parts come pre-assembled, ideal if you're not too much of a DIY person but have some time to string the harp. You still save a lot of money that way. Get in touch to collaborate on larger quantities at a discount.

Plug & Play - You'll receive ready-to-play instruments, but still the most affordable teaching grade electro-acoustic harp out there.

The above prices are displayed including your local VAT

For VAT registered organisations: You can deduct your local VAT rate

(These are prices for single units, for larger quantities we offer discounts. For instance a charity in the Netherlands ordered 300 and we managed to collaborate to bring down the price to €450 per Harp·E!)

Shipping in the EU varies but is very cheap in general, around €15

For the UK:
Because of added Brexit admin and cost we're forced to add some minor charges, we've tried to keep it to a minimum.

Global shipping: usually under $100 for most OECD countries, but prices vary (at the moment, shipping companies update their prices often)

We can ship anywhere. If your country is not on the list of shipping options, just drop us a line! and we'll arrange via email



For schools / education / resellers :

Get in touch for larger orders - we can offer bespoke deals, down to €450*

*A discount is automatically applied in this online store when you buy >5.
For larger orders, please do get in touch. For instance when ordering a couple of hundred, we could collaborate with you to get the DIY price down to as little as €450 (ex VAT), offer bespoke colours, help you organise large scale assembly, etc.