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For the DIY enthusiasts - Assemble Harp-E, string it and regulate it yourself.

Assembly can take between 25 minutes and a few hours, depending on your skill level, whether you've done it before and whether you have an electric screwdriver at hand. Stringing takes ± 1-2 hours. Tuning until stable takes a few minutes each time, ± twice a day for ± 7-10 days.

Not only a fun DIY activity, this is a really great way to get to know and bond with your instrument AND it's an opportunity to customise your instrument!

PS although not needed, the process is more comfortable and fast if you have (a friend with) some basic tools like an electric screwdriver + bits (3 and 4mm hex).
And.. a bit of DIY enthusiasm and flair does help a lot (both you and us). If you're only choosing this option to save money then you might want to consider the String & Go package - it's still very affordable and you fast-forward straight to the stringing part.


Please be aware the finish is rough. The wood texture will be present though the coating.

Add more than 5 harps to your basket to get the 5% for education discount. The discount is only calculated once in your basket.

This package includes:

  • Harp·E with its stand, strings, electronics
  • Carrying bag / backpack and the detacheable strap to play standing
  • Battery for the electronic pre-amplifier
  • Strap to wear the Harp·E
  • Assembly and tuning tools
  • Assembly and usage manuals (via QR)

(does not include external electronics like cable and effect pedals)



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It really depends on where you live and what package you order:

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Shipping outside the EU can at the moment take several weeks, because intercontinental shipping is still in a bit of a pickle - there are old backlogs and new staff shortages across shipping companies, carriers and customs clearance.
We beg you for a bit of patience until things settle. Your Harp·E will arrive!

DIY and String & Go are stocked to ship immediately. Please note that Plug & Play packages are built to order. We are a small team and they are in high demand, we currently have several weeks backlog before we can start building yours. But we are working around the clock and you will get your Harp·E!


All parts and shipments are checked for quality and completeness and should reach you in good condition. We will aim to make right any shortcomings you might spot on arrival and help with any questions you might have. The aim of this project is to be able to provide affordable quality harps to as many people as possible. We do ask you therefore to take a lenient and collaborative approach to returns and customer service as they significantly drive up costs for us and will reduce our capacity to keep the price down for future generations harpists.

Plug & Play packages are built to order and we currently have a backlog. We hope you're willing to wait a few weeks longer for this package. If you want a Harp·E sooner, you could order the DIY package, which is in stock and ready for immediate shipping.


Strings 24 Premium Salvi/ Aquila Corde/ Sipario SilkGut strings
Range Optimal learning range: 5C-2E (or depending on naming convention- lowest string is C3 if you call "middle C" C4, aka lowest string is 130.81 Hz)
Adjustable height 3 heights: 87, 101 and 107 cm
Carrying dimensions Only 7 cm deep, 87 cm long by 48 cm wide
The stand fully packs inside the frame
Weight Harp: 3.6 kg / 7.8 lbs (same as lightweight guitar!)
Stand: 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs
Levers All levers C5-2E (see Range), unique patented lever system, ultra durable.
Electronics Fully native all-string pick-up and built-in pre-amp, standard 9V battery, included in package
Volume ±75 dB acoustically, unlimited volume electronically (yeah!)
Materials High grade Beech Plywood with Stainless steel & aluminum fasteners.
No flimsy plastic stuff!